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Everyone wants it, but does anyone have it? The Happiness Pursuits is about disrupting the norm, changing perspectives and finding deep, raw, authentic human-to-human connections.
This project was prompted after a year-long research study on happiness for my scholarship program thesis. I ended the program with a lot of insight – but also with a lot of questions.
The Declaration of Independence says we all have the rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” but what does that actually mean? Throughout my research, I noticed something strange: Either no one knew what happiness was, or everyone had a different definition. I started thinking about all the research I had read, the surveys I had conducted, and I started to notice a pattern. Aside from the scientific explanation, no one actually defined what happiness is.
Was it possible, then, that everyone was chasing something that’s unattainable?
From there, I set out to uncover, once and for all, what happiness is.
The Happiness Pursuits has one rule: Interviewees can have no knowledge of the question they’ll be asked. This makes for a very raw, unedited and authentic response, which I think we’re lacking in today’s world.
The hypothesis is: One question, 500 different answers. So what do you say, follow me on this journey?
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